How to Make a Strong Foundation

How to Make a Strong Foundation

When you build a house, there are many things that need to be considered so that the building of the house is stronger and stronger.Starting from material selection, mixing materials with one another to how to make a strong foundation for buildings.Of course not only about the comfort and beauty of the house that you think about when building a residential house.

The problem of designing and making the foundation is very important to note because the foundation is the place where the house or building will rest. When you want to build a house or building, the foundation is the first part that is made.Without a strong foundation, a building becomes less suitable for habitation or use. Because the foundation is useful to withstand the load of the entire building.

But unfortunately, nowadays many houses are found that have foundations that are not up to standard. This of course can endanger the occupants of the house who live in it. When building a house, you don’t only need the services of a builder, but you also need expert advice, both structural experts and architects, so that the calculations are correct.

So that the house is strong, sturdy and safe to live in.

Stages of Making a Foundation

Without a strong foundation, the house can go down because the foundation is unable to withstand the load on it.

The house building is also at risk of experiencing cracks in the structure. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good plan in making the foundation of the house so that it can stand firmly.

Then how?

The first way is to use river stone which is then glued with cement mixed with sand in a ratio of 1:4.

Making the foundation can also use another way, namely with a reinforced concrete system and a mixture of cement, gravel and sand in a ratio of 1:3:2.

Furthermore, the inside of the concrete is filled with iron bones which are stacked to strengthen the foundation. In addition to the method of development, to produce a strong foundation, it is also necessary to pay attention to the following things.

1. If you want to build a one-story house and the soil on the construction site is already of a hard type, then the use of river stone foundations is strong enough to use.

2. If you want to build a two-story house and the soil conditions at the construction site are hard, then a combination of foundation construction between river stone and footplate is needed.

3. If the soil at the construction site of the house is soft because it is on a slope or former fill.

So you need to first consult with an architect or structural expert to choose what type of foundation is right for building a house.

This is considering the conditions of the location are quite dangerous.

Especially if you want a two- or even three-story house, of course you need careful planning so that a strong foundation can support the entire house building.

4. To be able to strengthen the building foundation, usually the builders will install polyfield plastic.

This type of plastic is usually used to build tents for street vendors.

To install this plastic on the foundation is quite easy, namely by spreading it in the foundation excavation.

Next sprinkle gravel to a thickness of 15-20 cm on top and compact it evenly. Only then can you make a foundation of river stone or other foundations.