How to Design a Modern and Elegant Interior Living Room

The interior design of the living room needs serious attention, because this place is part of the social life of the homeowner, a place where he has the opportunity to provide comfort to those who come to visit. The comfort is not only in the form of a friendly welcome and treats that spoil the tongue, but also the atmosphere of a comfortable, pleasant living room and makes anyone feel comfortable to linger in the room. A minimalist house with a relatively narrow living room area can be designed in such a way that it looks modern, elegant and makes people feel at home in it, by paying attention to the following matters:

Furniture Selection

The main and most appropriate furniture to decorate a narrow living room is a minimalist sofa with a size that matches the dimensions of the room. Do not install a lot of chairs, because in addition to taking up a lot of space also gives the impression of tightness. Not to mention it will make you bother when you want to move position. The color of the sofa can be chosen according to taste. But it is advisable to choose a sofa whose color contrasts with the color of the living room wall or vice versa, has the same motif and test color as the color of the living room wall.

If contrasting colors are chosen, then a modern impression will be presented, and if the same color is chosen then the living room will look elegant and look more spacious. In addition to the sofa, you can also place a sideboard in one corner of the living room if the space is still possible. But if not, it should be avoided and not forced to cram a limited size space with a variety of objects because it will make the atmosphere seem dirty.

The interior design for the living room which also functions as a family room can also be decorated with television, but as much as possible in the form of LED TV with thin dimensions and can be affixed to the wall, so it does not take up the living room space.


Lighting influences the impression created by the living room. Lighting that is too excessive will give the impression of stifling reverse lighting that is too minimal to make the eyes get tired quickly. That’s why the lighting factor also needs attention. During the day, of course lighting will depend on sunlight. To adjust how much light comes in, you can use the curtains that adorn the glass windows. While at night, the lights attached to the ceiling try to provide adequate lighting.

But if you want to create the impression of luxury, use a ceiling light that is rather dim and add lighting with enough light in one corner of the room with a position parallel to the living room table.


The purpose of coloring is the use of colors, motifs and textures on living room floors, walls, ceilings and sills and doors and windows. Not much different from the selection of furniture, there are two alternatives that can be chosen to determine the atmosphere of the living room like what you want.

If a modern atmosphere is desired, then the parts that fill the living room can be decorated with paint, wallpaper or carpet in different colors and try to contrast the color between one part with another. But if you want an elegant feel and the room looks wider than the actual size, then the choice is to equalize the colors, motifs and textures of all the parts in the living room, and make gradations of color in several parts.

To change the color, either with the aim of making contrast or to equalize the color, it does not need to be done thoroughly, simply by changing 1-2 parts, such as changing the color and motif of the floor carpet or by changing the paint or wallpaper on the wall. By arranging the interior design of the living room as mentioned above, those who come to visit will certainly be comfortable to sit for long. Especially if the host welcomes him warmly accompanied by an appetizing treat.

How to Design a Modern and Elegant Interior Living Room
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