Tips on Cleaning the House after Renovation

Tips on Cleaning the House after Renovation

Cleaning the house after home renovation is very important which aims to create a hygienic and more comfortable home. However, when the renovation process is complete, it does not mean that you can immediately occupy the house. After completing the renovation, the process of cleaning the house is actually not difficult if you already know the steps. Here are some tips for cleaning the house after renovating:

Cleaning the House

Cleansing from the very top

The thing you can do if you are going to clean the house after renovating is to start from the highest part. Start by cleaning the ceiling, second floor, mezzanine, stairs, and upper door and window frames. This process is important so that later you have more freedom to clean the floors and other low parts because there is no dust from the top of the house that returns to contaminate the interior.

Remove excess paint

Remaining paint that sticks to the floor and sills will make the house dull after being renovated. That’s why you should also remove the remaining paint thoroughly before continuing with other cleaning processes. Use a cotton swab or the tip of a knife to scrape off excess paint. Do it slowly so you don’t scratch the floor or other parts that are being cleaned.

Clean the floor with clean water

If you have cleaned all parts of the house from dust after the renovation is complete, you should rinse the floors with clean running water. This method is important to get rid of all the dust and dirt completely. Then, use a rubber mop and a mop to dry the floor surface. You can also add carbolic acid or floor cleaning liquid when mopping the floor so that the interior of the house smells good and is hygienic.

Cleaning furniture

Another tip that you should do when cleaning a post-renovation house is cleaning furniture. Try to clean the furniture just before you put it in the house. You can use a dampened micro fiber cloth or a vacuum cleaner. This cleaning process is important so that the furniture does not contaminate the interior of the house that you have cleaned before.

Repeat the cleaning process

You should not only clean the house once after renovation. The process of cleaning the house must be done several times until the whole house is completely clean and ready for habitation. Start by dusting all over the house. Next, you can use running water and cleaning products so that the results are maximized.