Tips and Trick Minimalist Designs for Minimalist Homes

Whether or not a home is comfortable depends on the viewpoint of its occupants, but the thing that greatly influences the comfort of a home is its decoration. By decorating the atmosphere of the house is not only comfortable but also beautiful in the eyes. In terms of home decoration, the area of   a house will largely determine the ease of decoration. For a house that stands on a wide land certainly does not experience obstacles in terms of decoration, all furniture can be placed at will because of the large area.

In contrast to a simple minimalist house that stands on a narrow land, the use of furniture should be considered more so that the room is not increasingly narrow. But look nice, with a few touches that are good and right, you can also get a sweet design for your minimalist home. Home decor does not have to be forced to appear luxurious, luxurious decoration requires a large budget as well. For you with a small budget, looking simple is not a bad idea, your minimalist home can still look beautiful and comfortable even with a simple decoration.

Simple Minimalist Home Decoration

The limited space for a minimalist home makes you have to pay more attention to the decoration of your home, not all types of furniture you can put into the house. Excessive use of goods will make the house look cramped, and this is certainly not pleasing to the eye. In addition to furniture, there are also other things you should pay attention to in a simple minimalist home decor. Anything?

Pay Attention to Use of Home Furnishings

Simple minimalist home style would make you think a little when going to buy furniture, space limitations become one of the factors.

Do not forget to pay attention to the use of home furniture. Use only furniture as needed to fit the area of   the room. There are important things that should not escape your attention in choosing furniture:

Color Options

You can choose the color that suits your taste, you should use a matching color that is not too flashy. Cool colors like gray or white make the appearance of a house seem more simple but also looks elegant. So as not to get bored, you can mix and match 1 to 2 colors, for example for walls using white while the roof uses gray. For harmony, you can choose colors that match the colors of simple minimalist home furnishings.


The use of wallpaper can make your home look more beautiful. For a simple look. the selected wallpaper should not be patterned too crowded. Remember also to use wallpaper for only a few corners of the room, do not fill the entire room, because the use of wallpaper is full of the entire room makes the room look more narrow. You certainly want the look of your simple minimalist home to look more spacious and relieved.


A mirror mounted on a room will make reflections that make the room seem more spacious. You can use a mirror with a medium size with a small frame on the edge.

Lighting settings

Light settings will be able to make your home look different, so lighting settings are very important for a simple minimalist home. With the right lighting settings, you can get an atmosphere that makes the room look more spacious.

Make good use of the Corner of the Room

The limitations of this space you have to be able to deal with as well as possible, every corner of the room must have a clear function. Every corner of the room should be used as best as possible because the area of   a simple minimalist home is not large.

For example like the arrangement of the kitchen, with the size of a narrow house you should combine the dining room with the kitchen in the same room. Use a small dining table so as not to disturb your movements while in the kitchen.