The Best Grain Cleaning Equipment for Agricultural Business

The Best Grain Cleaning Equipment for Agricultural Business

Owning an agricultural business is a big responsibility. However, when you are involved in it, you realize the importance of what you do. First of all, one shouldn’t forget that agriculture is an important part of a country’s economy, at least in the US. We mean that you do good for your country by providing food to it and letting it export crops to other countries. It may seem that renting or purchasing a piece of land and the necessary machinery is everything one needs to produce crops and benefit from it.

Any business needs improvement, especially an agricultural one. If you want to be successful, you should move with the times and upgrade your machinery all the time. Besides planting and harvesting, you need to process crops. If you prefer mixed cropping, you must have grain cleaning equipment. Many farms use outdated machines and suffer from it. But Metra Group tries to make changes in the agricultural industry. Its grain cleaning equipment aims to increase productivity and the quality of crops after separation.

Metra Group was founded 6 years ago and worked on the distribution of grain cleaning equipment. The collaboration with European manufacturers helped this company present its own high-tech and effective equipment. Nowadays, many farms in America and abroad switch to using Metra Grain Cleaners and enjoy better postharvest handling of the crops. Check what distinguishes Metra cleaners from competitors:

  • High production speed. You’ll be able to process between 175 and 3670 bushels in an hour, depending on the model of your cleaner. Time is money, so the less time you spend on processing, the more money you’ll make.
  • Cleans any type of grain. Poppy, corn, lucerne, rape, maize, oats, wheat, peans, and many other types of grain can be processed by this equipment. You save money because there’s no need to purchase different machines for different grains.
  • No maintenance equipment. We know how much money farmers spend on repairs. Metra cleaners have no moving parts, lubrication points, and other details that can break.
  • Easy to use. There’s no need to hire qualified personnel or make your workers undergo training because this equipment doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge.

On the whole, Metra grain cleaners are a universal all-in-one solution for farms. These machines are easy to set up and switch between one crop and another. And the most important thing to note is that Metra solutions are affordable for most farms in the US and abroad.