Green Green grass

Green Green grass

Do you want a nice and neat looking garden, a beautiful green lawn next to your house? Than it’s important that you take care of it! Taking care of grass is extremely important otherwise it will die quicker or look messy. So if you’re looking for a good patch of grass you should definitely read further!

What kind of grass?

First of all, it is important to know your grass. What kind of grass lays in your backyard? If you don’t know the answer to that question, do not panic. Just search it online. There are a lot of websites out there that can tell you what kind of grass you have. After you have figured that out you can go to the next step: Filling the gaps. Do you have any gaps in your lawn? Are some spots a little dryer than others? If that’s the case, fill them in with grass seed. You want to buy the grass seed that is the best match to your own lawn. Otherwise it can look a bit weird because of different colours or another texture. Moowy is an excellent website to buy your grass seed on, because of the various catalogue.


Not only we as humans need water to survive, plants need it too. If you want your grass to be nice and green you should hydrate it really good. You can achieve that by using a garden hose or sprinklers. Sprinklers are the best option, because the grass will be evenly hydrated and you can leave the sprinklers on for a longer time. Beware! Don’t use sprinklers if it is freezing! Your sprinklers will break and that is a waste. Also the grass will freeze if it is wet and then it can break easier. In contrast to that, you should use your sprinklers a lot in the summer, when it is hot and dry outside. You grass really needs water in the dry seasons. Don’t overwater your lawn, because your nice piece of grass will be looking like a small swamp and the clay can dissolve and the grass can get lose of the ground. So try to play with the hydration level a bit to find out what is perfect for your lawn.

How often do you mow?

A lot of grass fields get ruined by mowing it them much. Some people mow their grass twice a week. Sometimes that’s fine, but usually it is not. But how many times should you mow? The answer: is once a week in spring and summer and once every two weeks in fall or winter.