Carport Floor Type Suitable for Minimalist Residential

Carport Floor Type Suitable for Minimalist Residential

Just like the rooms in other dwellings, the car garage should not be left behind to be made as attractive as possible so it is more pleasing to the eye. One way is to use the right carport floor.

Vinyl Flooring

To make your residential garage look attractive you can use a Vinyl type floor by mixing and matching two color choices. This type of floor has a material that is perfect for you who have a large car. Because, this carport floor has anti-skid properties and can support the safety factor so that something undesirable does not happen.

Concrete stone

Concrete floors are known for their strength to support large vehicles

To make your garage better, you can use this concrete stone floor to add a sensation that blends with nature. Concrete stone is indeed known to be very strong, for that the floor is made of concrete stone suitable for holding the weight of your vehicle. This floor is made of a mixture of cement and sand which is deliberately added to the concrete mix and also has a floor thickness of 8-10inc.


Marble tiles can make a garage look luxurious

If you want an elegant garage, this type of marble tile is suitable to be applied in your garage. This marble tile has the advantage of making a room in your house look more minimalist, so that it will make your garage better. You can use this type of ceramic by adjusting the area of your dwelling and making the appearance of your dwelling fit even with a simple concept.

Minimalist two colors

Two-color ceramics like this are able to support the weight of the car better

This minimalist type of ceramics has a simple concept when applied, but this type of ceramic remains a favorite for use in garages. This ceramic has a relatively small size, the goal is to support the weight of the car better. Not only that, the dark color makes it more difficult to clean ceramics from dust when compared with other types of ceramics. For that, if you choose this minimalist ceramic you should clean it more often.

Black and white

This ceramic is widely used by lovers of monochrome colors

For you lovers of minimalist dwellings, this black and white ceramic tile is suitable for your minimalist residential application. This ceramic has a very simple concept with the right combination of two monochrome colors, namely black and white. Equipped with a rough texture with lines on the ceramic surface. Typically, ceramics are widely used by lovers of minimalist monochrome colors.

Natural stone

For you nature lovers, you can use this type of natural stone for your residential garage. Usually, natural stones that are often used for garages are andesite and slab. This type of carport flooring can display the impression of a residence that blends with nature, neutral, natural and simple. If you use natural stone for your garage, don’t forget to treat it by cleaning it regularly so it doesn’t get mossy and moldy. So it doesn’t reduce your garage design which is already good.

Grass Brick

Besides being strong, this carport floor can also provide space for water absorption –

This type of garage floor is also a type of carport floor that will create a natural and natural impression. Grass brick or grass block is a good choice to be applied to your residential garage, especially for you environmentalists. Besides being strong, this carport floor can also provide space for water absorption and also brings out natural bright colors because it brings grass in the holes or between the blocks. So that it can give a fresh and beautiful impression to the eyes.

Stone brush

The texture of coarse-grained cement plaster gray

This type of carport flooring is one that is often applied to garages. Because the brush rock floor has a jagged rough surface and strong durability. This type of floor has a simple model. But if you don’t like monotonous ones, there are also various kinds of motifs such as flowers. Rocks arranged neatly will create a beautiful floor!

Those are some types of carport floors that can be applied to your garage. Do not let the wrong choice so that your residential garage looks good and matches what you want!