6 Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas Can Be Your Inspiration

6 Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas Can Be Your Inspiration

If you have this, maybe a minimalist bathroom could be the right solution for you. No need to worry or be confused about how, because this time ShopBack will share some tips on how to build a bathroom to keep it looking modern by utilizing the minimal land possible. Come on, see some of the descriptions below.

1. Choose a plain bathroom wall

The first thing you should pay attention to when building a bathroom on a narrow area is to pay attention to the selection of the wall as your bathroom’s first ascent. There are many choices of materials for bathroom walls, ranging from the patterned crowded, plain until there is a bathroom wall that uses rock material to support the minimalist design of the bathroom. Well, you can choose a plain wall design to make your bathroom seem more spacious.

2. Choose rock material to decorate the bathroom floor

Next, consider the bathroom floor that you choose. To support a plain bathroom wall, you can use stone bathroom material with rocks to make the bathroom seem more modern. This type of natural stone may be the right choice because the surface will make your bathroom floor rough so it is not slippery.

3. The shower is the right solution for a minimalist bathroom

The biggest mistake people usually make when building a bathroom in a narrow area is to enter the bath up as the main furniture in the bathroom. Using a shower won’t make your minimalist bathroom look old school. Currently, there are many choices of shower models that can make your bathroom seem more modern.

4. Select the sliding shower door model

Choosing a bathroom door is often an obstacle in decorating a minimalist bathroom. Noteworthy is the model of the direction the door is opened. To not make the bathroom narrower, then the choice of doors that are opened in and out is not the best solution for your bathroom. You should make a sliding door for your bathroom. The door that is moved automatically will not take up space or space in your bathroom.

5. Enter the bathroom furniture to taste

No need to enter excessive bathroom furniture, remembering the bathroom area to be designed is small. Just enter some important accents that really must be in the bathroom such as mirrors, soap holders, and shelves or clothes hangers. To make your bathroom more unique, you can adjust the furniture to the color or theme of the bathroom that has been carried. For example, you take the theme of white and neutral, then choose the color of furniture with the appropriate color.

6. If necessary, consult the interior design

If indeed you are more interested in using interior design services to build a minimalist bathroom, then consult in detail. Express your wishes and discuss together with the reliable minimalist bathroom interior designs. Usually, the results will be more satisfying because they already have a lot of knowledge and experience about design. The drawback, you have to pay quite expensive to pay for their services.

The advantage of having a minimalist bathroom is, you can save costs in decorating because you don’t have to bother buying lots of materials and furniture to fill the bathroom. Make your small bathroom, a modern and unique bathroom by running the tips above.